Arturo PU3320 Floor Coating

Available in a wide range of colours, UV-stable & easy to process. The perfect solution as UV-stable surface protection for Arturo PU2060 & EP2500 industrial Self-smoothing Floors and as top coat on Arturo PU2030 & PU2060 design Self-smoothing Floors for recreation & therapy rooms, canteens, kindergartens or homes.

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Design your own flake resin floor

Resins floors sprinkled with Arturo Flakes create a decorative effect. The Floor Configurator by Arturo enables you to visualise different flake designs.
After choosing the base colour of the self-smoothing resin floor you decide what colour and how many flakes are sprinkled.

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Get inspired!

The Arturo Color Collection presents different styles, trends and options for different environments. Discover amazing design options with Arturo unicolors, concrete looks and flakes.

Determine the interior style that suits your room or space with the Arturo Style Compass.

 Arturo Color Collection