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NL, 30.01.2017 - Arturo EP2490 Self-smoothing Floor for ESD protection zones

Arturo EP2490 flooring system - durable conductive and chemical-resistant floor covering system


Arturo Unique Flooring is rounding off its product portfolio with the new conductive resin floor Arturo EP2490 for ESD areas. The flooring system protects against uncontrolled electrical charging and discharge and is ideally tailored to the required voltage window and the typically occurring charges. As with all Arturo flooring systems which are applied as liquids, this creates a seamless, homogeneous surface which is easy to clean, can take mechanical and chemical strain and has a long service life.

Wherever people and technology might be at risk of electrical charges, a floor with discharge capacity is urgently required. Especially in ESD areas (Electro Static Discharge), such as the electrical, electronics, and automotive industries, microelectronics or biotechnology, protecting electronically sensitive components against electrostatic discharge must be a top priority.

EP2490 for ESD protection zones

Arturo EP2490 is ideally suited to ESD protection zones (Electro Static Discharge) where a low electrostatic charge (Body Voltage) and conductive surface is required (EPA=Electrostatic Protected Area), such as in production areas and laboratories, warehouse and workshops in the electrical, electronics, automotive, or microelectronics industry or in biotechnology.

Installation of Arturo EP2490 flooring system

System installation first requires the Arturo EP6900 Primer (2-K, EP) directly on cement-bound lower surfaces, such as cement paints or concrete. This ensures adhesion between the lower surface and covering. Then, a layer of Arturo EP6200 Scratch Coating is applied and glued down using copper tape. Since the discharge capacity of concrete reduces over time, and the primer acts as an insulation layer, Arturo EP6400 Conductive Primer (2-K, EP) must be added. Thanks to this conductive primer, electrostatic charges can be discharged and earthed with constant resistance using a conductive primner. The connection between the conductive primer and the earthing is provided by gluing with copper tape. Finally, the conductive Self-smoothing Floor Arturo EP2490 (2-K, EP, ESD) is applied. The layer strength of the entire system is 2 millimetres and can withstand slight to medium-severe mechanical strain. The system installation meets the ESD protection requirements of the measurement standard EN 61340-5-1/EN 61340-4-1, EN 61340-5-1/EN 61340-4-5 and the personal safety requirements for power plants with nominal voltages of up to 100 V according to measurement standard DIN VDE 0100-410.

Conductive resin floors for every need

In addition to the newly launched floor covering EP2490, the Arturo EP2480 floor covering provides a floor system for explosion-protected areas. Here you find detailed information about the conductive floor systems Arturo EP2490 and EP2480.


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About Arturo Unique Flooring 
Functionality and design is what the Arturo floor coverings represent - a brand of Uzin Utz AG, produced by Unipro bv, the Dutch subsidiary. The solvent-free product pallet ranges from floor coverings in different designs via colourful or colourless sealings to stone carpets, cement floors and scatter coverings. Arturo are unique, particularly thanks to their large range of colours and individual designs. The Arturo artificial resin floors are ideally suited to renovation and new-build projects and can be used in a multitude of ways.

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