Strong topcoat sealer for epoxy resin floors.

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NL, 01.03.2016 - New Brochure: Arturo Systems and Products

In the new edition of the Arturo brochure Systems & Products an overview of flooring systems and the Arturo products is compiled. You can easily find your way to find the best flooring system and necessary products.

Arturo Unique Flooring knows exactly how tough the demands are that are placed on floors by users and regulators alike. So many different needs and requirements exist for every room, usage and loading, which is why Arturo has compiled this brochure summarising its various flooring systems.

Arturo Unique Flooring has durable solutions for every conceivable room and situation - solutions that are in keeping with the room’s usage and your requirements. Customised solutions for specific situations can also be created by one of Arturo’s technical consultants using Arturo’s product range.

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